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"That's right.....".

Don't reply immediately, think. I'm already having enough trouble going out to play alone with a girl, a double date is something else. It's not that much but for an inexperienced amateur this is an event with far too much responsibility. However, simply telling them that I'd rather not have a double date so please stop is a hurdle too high for me.

When everyone in one's surroundings are in perfect synchronization, to raise the sole objection is a most difficult task. If the one in the leading role today, Satou, is able to easily accept it, then neither am I going to object.

I suppose it's also fine to go along with the 'it's interesting because I don't know what's going to happen' thing that Karuizawa spoke of. It's just, there's still a problem even so.

In the first place, we were going to watch a movie from now, so I wonder if a double date all of a sudden will even be possible or not. That was an obvious question. Even if we move to secure seats in a hurry, lining up for it now would be almost impossible. Or it could be that this too, is one of those 'interesting' things.

The impression that we have drifted off-course from the original purpose of the 'date', but looking at it from a different perspective, it cannot be said that a double date is only a bad thing. If I'm alone with Satou and engrossed in conversation, I can predict that there will be moments where an awkward atmosphere would come flowing in. But if Hirata and Karuizawa are there too, they'll be able to properly connect the topics of discussion well.

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And besides, Haruka did say she would drag Airi along and have a walk about to make sure we don't run into each other but even so, unexpected incidents may still occur.

On such occasion, rather than seeing me playing together alone with Satou, it would naturally look better if she were to see the four of us acting together. Anyways, if this atmosphere won't let me decline, I should be thinking that way instead.

"If the three of you are fine with that, I have no particular objections".

Not wanting to keep them waiting, as I answered with a 'Yes', Karuizawa immediately took action.

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"Then it's decided. Where are the two of you headed from now?".

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Easily having confirmed the date, Karuizawa begins forcefully pulling us along as she begins to proceed forward. Towards that, Satou seemed to be somewhat calm, giving off a relaxed feeling.