Internet through skills

Internet through skills

“Finally, it would be more convenient here, whether it is to play mock competitions with DGE club, daily communications, or to participate in competitions! The world invitation event this time will also be held in Jingzhou. It would be more advantageous to play on home ground.

“We, therefore, decided to move to Jingzhou and fully replicate the DGE model!

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“Not only will it solve the requirements from Boss Pei for our club—guarantee the training environment for our players, it can also help us develop in-depth cooperation with the DGE club and to prepare for the world invitation in advance. It is simply great on all fronts!”

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“We, therefore, decided to move after all these considerations!”

Zhang Yuan was a little shocked. “That’s it? So decisive?”

Team Leader Su nodded. “Of course! We are not from Shanghai anyway; there is not much difference in changing cities for training. Why, are we not welcome?”

Zhang Yuan laughed. “How can that be? Of course, you are welcome! Are you going to rent Ming Yun Villas as well?”

Team Leader Su nodded. “It would be best if we can rent it and become neighbors! However, if there is no more space, we can consider other places with the precondition that there is Deposit Fitness and Fish-Catching Take-Out nearby!”

Zhang Yuan nodded. “That’s easy. I’ll bring you to Manager Cui now and ask him to arrange for you!”

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The teams from both sides also mingled around in heated discussions.

Huang Wang was obviously a little snobbish now. “How, didn’t I say we’ll meet again soon?”

Old Zhou was a little speechless. “Huang Wang, you are really good. Not only did you return, but you also brought the H4 Club back with you in a week. You’re really something.”

Huang Wang saw the rookie midlaner. “Hey, this is my successor, right? I wonder if he can withstand the extra training with that skinny body of his.”

Old Zhou laughed. “The H4 Club will be doing extra training soon. None of you will be able to escape it if you are to follow the DGE Club’s model exactly.”