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How to make money on the online beauty picture

Ye Zhizhou’s eyes were welling up as he listened by the side.

The game had been recognized by the official platform!

This time, they had completely washed themselves clean of the ‘rubbish game’ reputation! They had achieved a complete turnaround in terms of income and reputation!

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What’s more, with the official platform’s endorsement and recommendation, the game would surely be more widely discussed. More players would be encouraged to try the game, and they would generate more income!

Ye Zhizhou could not help but feel moved. Good news was coming one after another. It was truly a good day!

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Was this how it felt to have the clouds finally parted and the moon shining bright?

Suddenly, he recalled what Director Lin had said before.

Boss Pei’s hope for gamers was for them to stop being slaves to money. He wanted to alter their tastes, so that even if they do not top up money into games, they would be able to enjoy a gaming experience that used to be exclusive to ballers.

There was a high chance of failure associated with making such a heaven-defying move. However, Boss Pei’s ‘heaven-defying move’ had proven successful now! What’s more, he was being validated by the official platform!

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This was an official endorsement-people would not doubt it!

Everyone who took part in the development of the game felt like they had just made history. After all, they all had a part to play in trying to change the web-based game industry together with Boss Pei!

Everyone’s eyes filled with respect and gratefulness.

If not for Boss Pei, we would not have realized we could achieve this much!

Pei Qian’s emotions were more complex than everyone else’s. However, his emotions were on the other end of the spectrum.

Pei Qian looked down at the lobster in his hands and then quietly tossed it aside.

Forget it, I’m not eating anymore.

I’ve lost my appetite again!