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On the other hand, in response to Jamdi’el’s arbitration...... yes, the dude managed to respond obediently.

“Everyone, let’s go home.”

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“...... I..... I’ll take everyone’s anger from today... and give it to him in three months... I don’t know if he’ll stay until he can fight me.”

Somehow, the dude endured his anger on this occasion, glared at me once with the girls, threw out the lines, and turned away.

Looking at his back, I asked Jamdi’el...

“That guy... was he someone from the dojo?”

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“Hmm? No, no He used to... just a little... kohon...... I’ve been involved with him. It’s that kind of acquaintance.”

She admitted that they were acquainted, but I was surprised.

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Jamdi’el’s word “a little” was too simple...

“Is that right... but then why can’t he join the dojo? He’s a genius, isn’t he?”

“There’s a reason for that. It wouldn’t have a very good influence on the other students...”

...... that’s too cold.


I spontaneously felt chills.

Um, somehow the irritation I felt for the dude... the man named José disappeared, as a ruthless expression floated for only a moment.

The slightest movement of her mouth. Her words were inaudible.