Do you make a video on the art?

Do you make a video on the art?

However, because of their own pride, many people still decided to download the game and play it.

Once they started, they could not stop!

Ocean Stronghold had simplified operations. To newbies, this made the game much more satisfying to play. However, for experts—especially elite gamers in Counter Strike; these simplified operations invoked feelings of contempt and discomfort.

Still, the story mode in Ocean Stronghold resolved these issues!

Once this group of people entered the game, most of them became absorbed by the story mode of the game. After playing for just a few hours, they slowly got used to the unique hand sensitivity and achieved perfect transitions.

What’s more—once they got used to the hand sensitivity, many people became uncomfortable going back to playing Counter Strike!

Why did it take so long to fire?

Why was it so difficult to resist the recoil?

The reaction was so slow!

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Suddenly, it felt so painful to play the game!

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Counter Strike was an excellent, competitive game. There were bound to be many restrictions on the mechanisms.

For example, allowing such a high firing speed would probably allow experts to become too strong. On a certain level, this would ruin the balance in the game. That was probably why the creators of the game reduced the firing speed.

However, Ocean Stronghold did not need to pay attention to these things. All it was concerned with was allowing the gamers to have as much fun as possible!

I’ve already made the Red Kilin; are you really still talking to me about balance?

These elite gamers of Counter Strike seemed to have been let loose all of a sudden. The gaming experience was extremely smooth so playing the game felt incredibly simple and relaxing!