How to answer high-quality questions online

How to answer high-quality questions online

When Pei Qian was hiring, he had not thought much into it and merely wanted a couple of beautiful receptionists to hold the front desk.

However, Xin Hailu had managed to dig out a pair of twins from out of nowhere claiming that it would help raise the company’s image.

Pei Qian was naturally elated as he offered the highest available price for an administrative position in the market right away – 5,000 monthly salary each!

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Even though it did not sound like much, back in 2009, the average salary for front desk receptionists in Jingzhou was around 2,000. Even if someone was extremely good looking, 3,000 would be the upper limit.

The fact that Pei Qian had raised it up to 5,000 was considered a liberal offer.

But of course, he wouldn’t have minded raising the salary even higher to 10,000 such that he could spend his money even faster.

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However, that would be overly exaggerated. Even if these were beautiful twins, it would not have made sense for receptionists to receive a 10,000 monthly salary.

Most importantly, the system would not have agreed to it.

Pei Qian had already more or less confirmed that Tang Yishu’s halo effect had not produced bugs in perfect games out of nothing. Although there seemed to be metaphysics involved and she had a special halo effect that could spread bad luck to her surroundings, such metaphysics still had limits.

For example, there would be greater chances of an unlikely event-such as stepping on one’s own shoelaces and trippinghappening if one was standing next to Tang Yishu.

However, if one was not wearing shoes with shoelaces, such a thing would not be possible. In other words, Tang Yishu’s halo effect was only a magnifier that would greatly increase the chances of unlucky events happening. It was the same with the bugs in the game.

There were bugs in many of Tengda’s other games as well. These bugs had not appeared out of nowhere; instead, they had been there from the beginning. However, the chances of them appearing had been low, and they likely wouldn’t have appeared under normal circumstances.

However, under the influence of Tang Yishu’s halo effect, the bugs appeared.

On the surface, it looked like these bugs appeared out of nowhere. However, they had actually just been deeply hidden in the beginning. Tang Yishu had merely increased the chances of them being brought to the surface.

Similarly, Ye Zhizhou’s demo contained many hidden bugs that probably would not have surfaced under normal circumstances.

However, because of Tang Yishu’s halo effect, the demo practically became unplayable.