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In addition, it was forty-nine consecutive battles.

(…The pride of Swordsmanship part seems to be true.)

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When I was thinking about that,

「…Ah! Look, Allen!」

Ria suddenly raised her voice and pointed to a transparent box that read『Luxury Prize』behind the special stage.

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Among them, various items such as gift certificates and swords that gave off a sharp vibe were contained.

(If I remember correctly… The person who succeeds in dojo yaburi gets to choose one of their favourites from among them.)

As I looked through the luxury prize blankly, recalling that,

「…Aa, that.」

I soon realized what Ria was excited about.

「Hippo…! It’s a stuffed hippo!」

She excitedly pulled the sleeve of my clothes.

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「Ahaha, that’s right.」

Ria is a sucker for cute things.

She especially loves stuffed animals. Her room is decorated with tons of them.