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He fell into deep thoughts.

To be frank, that was something that he could not understand at all.

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That was because most of the trending domestic FPS games did not have any story mode at all. Counter Strike did not have it as well – all they had to do was to fight one another.

Although it was true that some massive overseas standalone FPS games had a story mode, they were large companies compared to Tengda!

With a 30 men team, trying to produce a story mode in the same way as massive overseas FPS games could be considered to be overestimating their own strength.

Even though Bao Xu had just entered the games industry, he was quite clear about these things.

He had no choice but to think about it the other way round.

For a company with only 30 employees, it was clear that they would not be able to create a story mode in the same way as massive overseas FPS games.

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‘If a layman such as himself knew about it, would their brilliant Boss Pei not?’

‘He must know about it as well!’

‘Since he knows, why would he set such a strict requirement then?’

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‘This is a test and a hint as well!’