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Why does she hate her so much?. The reason for this seems to be simple, it is because Kushida seems to hate Horikita, too.

However, whenever I think about the relationship between these two, I feel like there has always been a strange sense of discomfort between them.

Kushida Kikyou has a hidden side, especially towards girls. There is one side of her that changes suddenly so as to abuse a person calmly.

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However, this is a fact that I happened to know by chance, and the usual Kushida is basically a bright and caring cute girl who is kind to everyone.

I don’t think there are any students who dislike her except for reasons such as jealousy, but I think I understand well that Horikita is not the kind of person who would be jealous of Kushida’s character.

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There are some things that make even the philosophers suffer.

Such as the question “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg”.

A chicken is a creature born literally from an egg, but also a creature that lays eggs. So which came first, the egg or the chicken? That kind of story.

So, I do not know which one between these two was the first to dislike the other, Horikita or Kushida, or when did this started.

“I thought that it would be good to talk to you Horikita, since a lot has happened. You know, we haven’t talked that much during this trip. As soon as it gets dark, let’s go to sleep, together”

Kushida understands that she is hated and tries to make friends with her even though she hates her, too. Well, if her goal is to be friends with all her classmates, being friends with Horikita is a road that cannot be avoided.

There are a lot of complicated and confusing questions about the relationship between these two.

“I do not have free time to accompany you for unecessary things”