What is the way to add WeChat to make money online?

What is the way to add WeChat to make money online?

“But if that’s how things play out, then it’ll be just you and Shinohara scoring all the points. If possible, I hope our collaboration with Sakayanagi goes smoothly so you can merge with a group that’s doing better for themselves.”

Horikita nodded in agreement.

“At any rate, over these past eight days that I’ve been walking around the island, I’ve really come to realize that a lot more groups have walkie-talkies than I anticipated. I’ve seen students making use of them all over the place, Sakayanagi-san telling her fellow classmates about what happened to Shinohara-san is only one such example.”

“It seems like a particularly strong trend among the upper classes, who are capable of taking charge and have the points to spare. Walkie-talkies let you exchange information over long distances, so depending on how well you make use of it, it could be worth spending such a large number of points.”

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“If we trusted one another a little more, I wonder… if we could’ve done that as well…?”

Horikita pursed her lips ever so slightly, perhaps having found the notion fairly difficult to imagine, despite having mentioned it.

“While walkie-talkies are certainly useful, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d do all that much for us. It’d just be a waste if we didn’t end up doing anything with them.”

“That’s true enough.”

I took out my tablet to see if any new Tasks had appeared, only to find that a risk-free, hassle-free Task that gave out food as a participation prize had shown up not too far from our current location.

Furthermore, there was room for as many as fifteen groups to register for it.

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However, it only gave out a single point that all groups would get for participating, so it wasn’t all that appealing on the points side of things.

“I’m running low on food, so I think I’d like to drop by this Task. How about you Horikita?”

If she had her sights set on her designated area’s Early Bird Bonus, then she’d be better off pushing forward without batting an eye.