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Does anyone who makes money online?

He had not expected Huang Sibo to do this!

At first, Pei Qian had hoped that Huang Sibo would tell the truth and dispel Qiao Liang’s delusions. However, his delusions only intensified.

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As for where Huang Sibo’s delusions came from, he could not delve into the details. The more he delved into the details, the bigger the problem...

At that moment, Hu Xiao sent a message.

“Brother, what should we say about this new dynamic? We can’t take it anymore. We don’t have enough manpower now if we want to continue suppressing, you have to pay more!”

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched.

Add more money my a*s!

I’m already in this state. If I continue to add more money, would my private savings be wasted?

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Pei Qian replied, “That’s it. Don’t worry about it.”

Hu Xiao could not help but feel puzzled.

“Something’s not right. According to this big brother’s way of doing things, shouldn’t he be more motivated the more they resist? Giving up so easily?”

“Perhaps the person behind this account has changed.”

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However, he did not think too much about it. Such things were common. Even though he did not make much money this time, it was a profit.

“Alright, continue with your work. You can look for me if you need anything.”

Pei Qian had just closed Aili Island’s website when someone knocked on his office door.

He looked up and saw Chen Yufeng live-streaming.

“Boss Pei, the functions that you requested previously have been developed and tested. There are no problems. However... Are you sure you want to use this ‘mandatory one hour’ function?”

Obviously, Chen Yufeng had objected to this function from the beginning. However, Boss Pei had been more determined previously. It was useless for him to object.