Will not have risks online

Will not have risks online

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“Oh, perhaps there are more units for this batch of goods. Or perhaps those who were faster previously had already grabbed it. Therefore those with slower hand speed were grabbing them this time.”

“No matter what, it will probably be sold out in another dozen seconds.”

Qiao Liang got up, brushed his teeth, and washed his face. He took a piece of bread from the refrigerator. However, when he opened his cell phone again, the page still had available stock.


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Qiao Liang was speechless.

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This was really messed up!

He would not have set the alarm to wake up so early if he had known that there would be enough stocks for the sale this time!

“I want to see when it will be sold out!”

Qiao Liang was not convinced and continued staring at his cell phone.

Five minutes later, he was tired of staring at it. He put his cell phone aside and continued playing the game that he had not completed previously. He would take a look every few minutes.

Available Stock.

Available Stock.