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Everyone’s expressions quickly improved in the conference room.

Eric smiled as well. “Indeed, we did the right thing! Tengda’s funds can’t take it anymore. They have to consider selling the buildings!”

“I have to say that Tengda’s funds are really abundant. It has persisted until now.”

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“We have to continue burning money!”

“At the very least, Tengda will not be able to compete with us until Boss Pei successfully sells the building and obtains this sum of money. We just have to create a new activity after Tengda’s 515 Gaming Festival. Then, we can let Tengda take a unilateral beating and snatch back all the popularity that we lost previously!”

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“We will definitely reap huge rewards if we burn money during this period!”

Everyone in the conference room beamed.

They finally saw the light of victory after persevering for so long!

Of course, Tengda had many buildings. If they sold one building at a time, they could last for a long time. There was no doubt that this money-burning war would continue for a long time.

However, this represented a signal.

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After burning money for a long time, Tengda was finally unable to make ends meet.

No matter how much Tengda burned, it seemed to be able to earn it back. It was like a god that would never bleed. However, once the god bled, it meant that it could be defeated!

At five in the afternoon, Pei Qian prepared to knock off.

He, who was preparing to sell the building, felt refreshed, as if he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, just as he walked out of the office and scanned the employees in the office, he suddenly stopped. He felt that something was amiss.

What was wrong...