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Still, it did not really matter. As long as he could incur more losses before the next settlement, he would be able to earn all the money spent on the house back!

He was busy all of Friday. After signing the sale and purchase agreement for the house, he finally returned home to rest.

On Saturday afternoon, Pei Qian instructed Little Sun—the company’s chauffeur—to send him to Ming Yun Private Kitchen. There, he waited for Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao.

Both of them were on afternoon flights. Zhang Zuting had arrived slightly earlier, and so he went to the hotel to get some rest first. Lu Zhiyao arrived slightly later, but Pei Qian also arranged for someone to pick him up, send him to the hotel, and let him settle in before fetching him to Ming Yun Private Kitchen. Of course, as the director of the film, Zhu Xiaoce was joining them as well. He had already arrived ahead of time.

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Pei Qian and Zhu Xiaoce sat in the private room, snacking and waiting. Pei Qian noticed that there were two printed scripts in Zhang Zuting’s briefcase. Those were probably meant for Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao.

Pei Qian’s head was hurting just thinking about the scripts. When Zhang Zuting asked to see it earlier, Pei Qian managed to dodge the bullet. Now that Lu Zhiyao was here, Pei Qian guessed that he would likely make the same request. Pei Qian knew for a fact that both of them were very picky with movie scripts. They were not the kind of actors who would star in any role they were told to as long as they were paid. Thus, Pei Qian would definitely not be able to gloss over the script.

old Zhang would probably be easier to deal with. After all, they had worked together before, and he was willing to cooperate. However, Lu Zhiyao was not acquainted with Pei Qian in any way, and he was quite famous. How could Pei Qian expect him to star in a film that was being produced by an unknown director? Even if they paid him a lot of money, he might not agree to play the role once he saw the script. Thus, Pei Qian was worried. On the other hand, there was not a hint of worry on Zhu Xiaoce’s face. Instead, he looked confident and prepared.

Pei Qian thought that it was quite ridiculous. The script was so rubbish, and yet Zhu Xiaoce looked like he was holding onto works that had won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Pei Qian tried asking, “Director Zhu, when Lu Zhiyao arrives, he will likely ask about the movie script. When he does—”

“Don’t worry, Boss Pei! There’s nothing to worry about!” Before Pei Qian could finish speaking, Zhu Xiaoce patted his chest. “Your script was so well-written. For all we know, the more Lu Zhiyao reads, the more he would like it! He might even request to star in it in exchange for a lower pay!”

Pei Qian was speechless.”…”

You’re too optimistic, aren’t you?

Yet, at that point, Pei Qian saw no point in asking more questions. He could only watch how things went when they all finally met.

A while later, the company’s seven-seater car arrived. Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao alighted from the car and were led into Ming Yun Private Kitchen by a waiter. They each had an assistant trailing behind them.

It was common for celebrities to bring their assistants along. After all, most celebrities were extremely busy. They needed someone by their sides to help them or they would risk becoming overwhelmed. The fact that each of these men only had one assistant with them showed how low-profile they were. Other popular celebrities would bring eight to ten assistants with them whenever they left their homes. It almost looked like they were the moon, always behind held up by surrounding stars. This was the first time Pei Qian was meeting Lu Zhiyao in person. Before this, he had only seen his pictures and his scenes in movies online.