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How to make a part-time job online?

It would be a huge impact if Boss Pei joined the live-stream platform battle!

Money was only one aspect. The key was that Tengda currently had a few popular games in its hands. If Tengda said that they would not allow other live-stream platforms to broadcast their own games, those live-stream platforms would have no choice but to comply obediently.

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That was why Liu Liang called Zhang Yuan immediately to ask about Boss Pei’s attitude.

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Liu Liang could finally relax now that Zhang Yuan had called to reply that Boss Pei did not have the intention of ‘killing a thousand enemies while sacrificing eight hundred’.

At the same time, Liu Liang had another question.

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Boss Pei had personally said that the development of Bunny Tail Live-Stream was different from other live-stream platforms according to what Zhang Yuan had said over the phone. It did not form a direct competitive relationship. He told them not to worry.

There was a big problem now.

Why was Bunny Tail Live-Stream developing in a different from other live-stream platforms? Why did it not form a competitive relationship?

Everyone knew that Boss Pei was a business genius. He often did not cater to the users’ needs, but knew how to create demand. He even saw the future development of certain industries.

Bunny Tail Live-Stream had a different direction of development compared to other live-stream platforms. Did that mean that Boss Pei was not optimistic about the current direction of development of the live-stream industry and had another opinion about the future of the industry?

This seemed to be a question worth studying!

Liu Liang was very sure that the other live-stream platforms would receive the same message at about the same time: Boss Pei would not form a direct competition with them through Bunny Tail Live-stream.

Liu Liang and these live-stream platforms were old rivals after all. They knew each other very well.

Based on Liu Liang’s understanding of Boss Pei, these words were most likely true.

That was because Boss Pei had always been an open and aboveboard person. He focused on business and rarely lied to his competitors.

Of course, Boss Pei would sometimes mislead his competitors in terms of tactics. However, even then, he would not lie or lie. Instead, he would use a more brilliant method, such as choice of words and ‘partial truths’ to draw the opponent’s attention elsewhere.