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Hu Xianbin was already considered a “long-lasting” chief planner of Tengda Corporation, considering their relative ‘longevity’. He had taken over as the acting chief planner for GOG’s mobile game when Li Yada was forced to travel. After that, he was responsible for the development of ‘Struggle’ and ‘Mission and Choice’.

In the eyes of the outside world, he should have the title of ‘gold medal producer’.

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However, Hu Xianbin knew himself very well.

GOG’s mobile game was a transplant client-side game. The main reason why it could be done well was because the client-side game had made a good start. Struggle’s success was entirely attributed to Boss Pei. He was only an executor. Saying that he was the chief designer was no different from executing the planner. As for Mission and Choice, it was only settled with the help of Boss Pei, Huang Sibo, Lu Mingliang, Li Yada, Bao Xu, and the other chief designers and core members.

Speaking of which, he had done three big projects. Each of them was very impressive, but he was not in charge of any of them. He did not even have a chance to be the chief contributor!

Under such circumstances, Hu Xianbin was already under a lot of pressure. After all, Mission and Choice had invested a huge amount of money, and he had the heavy responsibility of ‘continuing Tengda Games’ legend and ‘washing away the shame of the nation’.

If he failed, how could Hu Xianbin face his elders?

As the game was about to be released, Hu Xianbin frantically tried to adjust his mental state. At first, he had almost calmed down. However, he did not expect that ‘Fantasy Battle’ would appear out of nowhere!

Thus, all of his previous worries had resurfaced and were becoming more intense.

For the past three days, Hu Xianbin had been very anxious. He had subconsciously opened the promotional video for ‘Fantasy Battle’ and watched it over and over again.

The more he watched, the more guilty he felt!

He was worried that Mission and Choice would die. He wanted to do something, but no matter how hard he thought, he could not think of a good way to change it. Thus, he became even more anxious.