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As for what exactly they were, Wu Bin was not sure. However, there looked to be many of them since the pile was as high as a mountain.

Soon, almost all the seats were filled up.

It was impossible for employees not to attend Tengda’s annual meeting. Boss Pei had said time and time again that nobody was allowed to miss the annual meeting unless they were so sick that they were bedridden.

Wu Bin had heard before of an employee from a certain company who had missed the annual meeting because he had been working overtime. As a result, he missed the chance to claim his prize from the lucky draw.

This could never happen in Tengda.

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Otherwise… the consequences would be dire.

Apart from the employee who worked overtime, even his superiors and department head could be implicated.

Wu Bin glanced at his watch. It was 12.30 PM.

He had just been thinking about when the annual meeting would begin when the waiter served the first dishes.

Wu Bin was speechless.

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Wait, is there a mistake in the program?

Ordinary annual meetings would begin with a proper opening, some awkward performances, and a speech from the head of the company. The head would summarize the results for the past year and briefly talk about some goals for the future. Then, after several more programs and performances, the dishes would be served.