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A real man should be able to go on the attack at times like this. …However, I won’t be alone in high school if a guy like me can pull that off.

Also, Tendou-san seems to feel guilty for breaking up with me. I can sense that she’s trying to stay a step away from me. Thanks to that, …although we didn’t mean it, we’re radiating an overwhelmingly anxious aura to the surroundings.

Konoha-san finally snapped and yelled next to me. “That’s enough!”

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“Seriously, what’s happening right now! Honestly, I feel like I can have an easier time sexually harassing senpai when you’re dating Tendou-senpai!”

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“Hey, I hope that you can stop sexually harassing me at all times.”

“Jesus! Stop making a fuss about this, senpai, you’re annoying! I’m going to touch your crotch if you don’t shut up!”

“Aren’t you sexually harassing me right now!”


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At this moment, Konoha-san stepped forward and turned back at us so that the two behind can hear her as well.

“If Amano-senpai and Tendou-senpai aren’t a couple anymore, can you two act a bit more like a single person, please! Especially Tendou-senpai!”

“Eh, you’re talking to me?”

Tendou-senpai was suddenly attacked by her, so she protested with a shocked expression.

“I’m acting like a single girl. You’re right. Even if Amano-kun is chatting with you happily, and it kept stinging me, I still put up a normal face and talked to Aguri-san like it’s nothing. Even though I really, really love looking at Amano-kun’s small figure from behind, I still did nothing and just randomly answered Aguri-san! I want to hug him right now!”

Tendou-san’s blushing as she’s running out of breaths. “Isn’t that the problem!” Konoha-san complained.

“In this world, only Amano-senpai and you think that those words are a proper ‘single declaration,’ alright! To be honest, you were just emphasizing, ‘I really, really love Amano-kun! I love him! I love him!’ in Agu-senpai and my eyes!”

“Wha- Konoha-san, don’t tell me…you have superpowers!”

“Shut up!”

Konoha-san finally screamed out. …I can’t believe that this person didn’t show her real side in Hekiyou. Her mask comes off easily once it involves us.