What product is most profitable now?

What product is most profitable now?

“Let’s not accuse others, Sudou. It’s only natural for Ayanokouji-kun to defend Horikita, since he’s always with her all the time.. She’s important to him, you know?”

Ike quipped at me with an evil smile on his face.

Sudou clicked his tongue and reached out for his tray, still feeling irritated.

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“If someone came up as a witness, it would be great. Since the teachers asked all the classes, this will probably be resolved quickly.”

I understand wanting to think that way, but would the situation be resolved that easily?

After all, the issue was serious. It’s not unreasonable for Horikita to give up. It would be checkmate if the witness, assuming there is one in the first place, was from Class C. It would be natural for class C to hide the truth in order to protect themselves. After all, this school is made up of ranks. It’s unlikely that any feelings of guilt will outweigh the disadvantages the class may get.

But if the witness is not from class C, the problem is where to look.

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If it was someone that was neutral and had seen the situation unfold from the beginning, the result may be different.

“Ah, sorry, I’ll be gone for a bit. I’m going to go ask my senpais that I just saw over there.”

Kushida stood up from her seat.

“You’re doing your best for people like Sudou, Kushida-chan. It’s cute.”

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Fascinated by Kushida’s back, Ike was enchanted.

“I should seriously confess to Kushida-chan…”

“It’s impossible. You think she’ll drop to your level?”

“I have a better chance than you do.”