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I launched the camera app on my tablet and switched it over to recording mode.

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And then, I slowly inched as close as possible without revealing myself, carefully hiding among the trees, but no matter how hard I concentrated, the wind was so frustratingly loud that I couldn’t properly make out what they were saying.

A surge of impatience coursed through my veins.

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My blood was boiling over with the gnawing desire to see them start hitting each other already.

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I might’ve been able to get a better idea of what their situation was like if I could just hear what they were talking about, but it was too dangerous.

If I tried getting any closer than this, I’d run the risk of getting spotted by Nanase now that she had her head turned.

For the time being, I needed to rein in my emotions. It’d be a little dicey, but my only choice at this point was to calm down and work my way around in search of a better, safer angle.

I held my breath as I quietly began to move.

After distancing myself from them a bit, my plan was to skirt around the perimeter and───


Even though I should’ve been completely alone, a hand suddenly came out of nowhere and grabbed my shoulder.

And just as I was about to raise my voice in shock, another hand immediately reached to cover up my mouth.