Is the online lottery money to make a lie?

Is the online lottery money to make a lie?

Qi Yan was enlightened. “I see!”

“I didn’t think that there would be so many reasons behind Boss Pei’s simple transfer of personnel.”

“If you think about it this way, I might have been right about the general direction of the Gourmet Laboratory, but I did not consider the details. Boss Pei saw the hidden dangers and problems in the Gourmet Laboratory, so he gave me some pointers!”

Rui Yuchen smiled. “This is Boss Pei. Normally, you might think that he doesn’t have much presence and would always be busy with the work of other departments. However, at critical moments, he would always be able to grasp the crux of the problem that everyone in the project ignored through a magical operation, turning the rotten into the miraculous!”

Qi Yan asked, “What should I do now?”

Rui Yuchen smiled. “Of course, follow Boss Pei’s arrangements and cooperate fully with Zhang Yahui to make the snack market!”

“Of course, you have to emphasize these details to Zhang Yahui. That’s because Boss Pei doesn’t like to say too much when assigning tasks. Zhang Yahui might not understand the deeper meaning behind Boss Pei’s arrangements.”

“Explain this to Zhang Yahui. There will be many opportunities for cooperation between the snack market and the cold-faced lady in the future. It will also build a good foundation for future cooperation.”

Qi Yan nodded. “Understood! Boss Pei has put in so much effort. Zhang Yahui and I must not let him down!”

Rui Yuchen could not help but nod slightly. It looked like the Cold-Faced Lady and Qi Yan were becoming more and more integrated into Tengda’s big family and understood Boss Pei’s thinking patterns.

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This was worth celebrating!

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In the afternoon, at DGE E-Sports Club.

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In the conference room, Chen Yufeng and Zhang Yuan were drinking tea and chatting about the ICL league’s unofficial commentary.