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Make money on the ground

Tachibana screams.

But the older Horikita's eyes already showed a firm resolve.

"Heh. I figured it'd be a tie but are you really going to spit that out? With this timing, that large amount of money and class points, I mean".

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Cancellation of expulsion.

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As long as the criteria are met, it's the ultimate method available for use by anyone.

"Please stop, I beg you. My uselessness is my own responsibility......that's why----".

Tachibana desperately tried to stop him.

However, it seems Fujimaki also shares the same opinion as the older Horikita, as he spoke to the students of Class A.

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"Up until now, the reason why Class A was able to function as Class A is something the people in the class understand better than anyone else. Isn't that right?".

"That's exactly right, Horikita. No need to hold back, use it, use it".

His Class A classmates said that at the same time.

"Is that really ok, Horikita-senpai? For the 3rd years to 'save' an expellee with this timing means Class A would have to give up their seat you know?".

"Even if we have to give it up once, we just have to take it back again. Using the modus operandi of this school you mentioned".

"Is that so? Well, I suppose that's fine too".

In all likelihood, from this point onwards, Miyabi will pleasantly discuss the strategy he himself formulated.