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Pei Qian was a little confused about Bao Xu’s motive. He did not seem like he was someone who likes to poke his nose into others’ business.

However, that did not matter. Bao Xu was not a gourmet taster.

It would be less dangerous for him to harm the snack market than for him to harm the games department.

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In any case, Bao Xu would probably not be able to escape the fate of being a traveling companion in the next selection. He was already in this state. He could do whatever he wanted.

Everyone took their seats and the meeting continued.

“Boss Pei, after we received the task of revising ‘Eternal Reincarnation’, the first thing we did was to ask the designers of the organization department to read the original novel. We specially invited the author over to roughly finalize the content of this downloadable content.” Hu Xianbin said.

“However, everyone’s opinions are not particularly unified. The specific format of this downloadable content has not been finalized.”

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“Just as well, Boss Pei, please give us some pointers! What should we do with the downloadable content?”

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Everyone looked at Boss Pei, their eyes filled with hope.

Repent and be Saved had also developed downloadable content before. It had produced some new weapons, new props, and even a reincarnation mode and random mode. However, the situation at that time was different from now.

Previously, the downloadable content only supplemented the gameplay. The content was not particularly rich. The price was also very cheap. It was just to find something for the veteran players of Repent and be Saved to do.

The downloadable content this time involved the development of the copyright of the book ‘Eternal Reincarnation’. From Boss Pei’s point of view, it was obvious that he wanted to show the essence of the novel as much as possible and in making the downloadable content. It was impossible to fool him easily.

However, the problem was that if they wanted to change the content of the fanfiction into the game, not only did they have to understand the plot of the novel, but they would also have to create a special design corresponding to the plot in the game.

These changes might conflict with the original gameplay of the game and needed to be made.

In that case, no one would be able to quickly reach a consensus.

Boss Pei arrived at the right time!

As the father of Repent and be Saved, Boss Pei would definitely think of a perfect solution!

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “Er... let me briefly emphasize two things before talking about the game.”

“The first matter has been notified previously. Everyone must keep the development of the works of the inspiration class a secret. Don’t leak it out.”