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Jiang Yuan frowned as he watched Boss Pei leave. He began to think hard about what Boss Pei had said.

He could not figure it out!

No matter how he thought about it, it did not make sense.

He thought hard for a while but still had no clue. He could only start changing the powerpoint.

After creating a copy of the original PowerPoint, Jiang Yuan began to edit the content of the PowerPoint according to Boss Pei’s instructions. He removed those that should be removed, merged those that should be merged, and left enough pages for expansion.

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After spending ten minutes making some simple adjustments, Jiang Yuan roughly changed the framework of the PowerPoint. Almost half of the original tens of pages of PowerPoint were cut off.

The previous large article introduced the evolution of OTTO OS in the past year. It talked about the application of AEEIS artificial intelligence technology in cell phones and AEEIS smart bickering machine. It also talked about the flaws of cell phones and the immaturity of the new technologies.

After reading the entire PowerPoint, the advantages of the cell phone were all concentrated on one page. The disadvantages were that there were at least ten pages.

Jiang Yuan was depressed.

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Actually, the powerpoint of E1’s cell phones at the news conference was similar. However, there was a huge difference between these two cell phones.

That was because the E1 cell phone was a traditional cell phone. Its strengths were solid. For example, it had a strong configuration, a long battery life, and a very good service.

Consumers would be able to sense them directly as long as these merits were listed.

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After that, he introduced the shortcomings of E1 cell phones. As the advantages were too outstanding, the shortcomings seemed harmless. Therefore, the audience could accept it.

However, G1 cell phones were completely different.