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Just as I’m lost in thoughts, the tree giant started burning with very little HP left.

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I can’t really deal with this unexpected situation.

(S-Should I flee for now? O-Or should I just attack him before he does something? Ah, there’s no time to hesitate-)

I have to make up my mind now, no matter which side I choose. However-

“-Kill it!”

-I can hear someone at this moment.

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At the next second, I started an all-out attack on the boss.

“Go! Go! Go! Go!”

Someone kept cheering next to me. I pressed the attack button furiously and let out a storm. Then, when the tree giant started flashing, which means that he’s about to release the power-

-The boss’s HP is reduced to 0.

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After a moment of silence, the tree started disintegrating into ashes.

Then, when the completion screen appeared- I couldn't help but stand up.

Then, I looked at him, who appeared next to me from nowhere. I can’t help but say.

“That’s great!”

His right hand clapped with my left one.