What is the online dragon saying online?

What is the online dragon saying online?

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Phil Simmons’ handsome face was completely distorted by fear. His tears, mucus, and rain mixed together. A small portion of it flowed into his mouth, which was screaming for mercy, and then spat out with a small portion of his saliva.

“Please, don’t kill me!”

“My father has a lot of money. He will give you no matter how much you want!”

At that moment, the person holding onto Phil Simmons’ bright red tie was a strong man who was nearly 2.5 meters tall and weighed nearly 200 kilograms.

Phil Simmons was driving his sports car on that rainy night as usual. This burly man suddenly appeared in front of his sports car and smashed his beloved sports car into pieces. Then, he dragged Phil Simmons, who had fallen into a temporary coma because of the collision, out of the deformed driver’s seat. He arrived at the top of the skyscraper as though he was carrying a little chick.

Phil Simmons’ entire body was hanging out of the skyscraper by the time he was woken up by the cold rain. His life was in the hands of this burly man.

Phil Simmons had no intention of resisting at all because this ferocious-looking man was as strong as the weakest superhero.

There were not many “super villains” in Hope City with such destructive power, but every one of them gave the police who maintained the city’s security a headache.

However, while the crime rate in Hope City was high, they usually occurred in the districts where some poor and homeless people lived. Phil Simmons lived in the wealthy district and had never encountered such a situation in his thirty-one years of life.

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Extreme fear caused his limbs to turn cold and his body to lose control. There was nothing he could do except to cry and beg for mercy.

This villain, who looked like a mountain of flesh, looked at Phil Simmons’ twisted expression with interest and revealed a mocking smile.

His background, looks, wealth, intelligence... all of these were incomparable to Phil Simmons.

However, the villain had something that Phil Simmons did not have: Power.

However, the expression of the scoundrel froze just as he was about to speak!

Phil saw a strong silver light in the eyes of the villain. Then, a particle gathered into a beam that hit the villain’s chest and sent him flying backward.

Phil screamed in fear. His tie was also burnt off by the light beam, and he fell out of the skyscraper!

However, he did not fall downwards. Instead, he floated in the air.

A ray of light flashed by his side. The villain got up from the ground and wanted to fight back, but he was pressed onto the ground and beaten up by the light. He had no strength to fight back.

The other superhero floating in the air concentrated as she placed Phil, who was floating in the air, on the roof of the building.