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He thought it through. If he were to just state that he was asking for their help in advertising the game outright, no one would do it and it would seem rude of him as well.

“Hi, everyone. I am an arts student in my fourth year. I’ve recently produced a set of original arts and would like to seek all the opinions of you veterans on the flaws of it and how I could improve further. Could I do that?”

Ruan Guangjian had an extremely polite tone.

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Even though he was confident in his own skills, he was a junior at the end of the day and he had to be humble when there was a need for it.

The group wasn’t particularly active and most of the big shots were mindful of conversing or advertising overly.

As such, Ruan Guangjian’s message was not pushed up right away and it lingered in the group chat for some time.

After two minutes, someone called Painter Old Liu replied, “Sure, send it over.”

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Ruan Guangjian posted some of his works that he was particularly fond of in it. “Thank you for your esteemed guidance, veteran!”

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Painter Old Liu: “Don’t worry about it, we’re all in the same trade. Interaction helps us to grow together. I’ve only entered the trade a couple of years before you.”

A few minutes later.

Painter Old Liu: “!!!”

“... I take back what I said earlier, you’re the veteran! Those shadows, that style, the details! Are you sure you’re really only a fourth year student?”

Before long, the other lurkers were lured out by these images.