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“Boss Pei, did you plan for all of this to happen?”

Lin Wan thought backward based on the results and suddenly realized that creating a ‘dog-eat-dog competition’ had indeed been the best publicity strategy!

On top of that, Boss Pei had been jumping back and forth between GOG and IOI while they had been competing. First, he hinted at Min Jingchao to crowdsource heroes, and then he instructed Shang Yang Games to incite a Sino-foreign confrontation. All of it forced Lin Wan to conclude that Boss Pei had planned for this outcome all along.

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Pei Qian remained silent for a moment and then nodded and said, “More or less.”

At first, he wanted to say that the current situation was far from his hopes. However, on second thought, he realized that everyone would just conjure things up in their heads if he said that.

Maybe everyone would wonder what Boss Pei’s original plan looked like, whether they were lacking in any aspect or not, whether they could salvage the situation or not, and why Boss Pei was not directly pointing their mistakes out to them.

If they let their unlimited imaginations run wild, the consequences could be dire.

Thus, he was better off admitting that he had planned everything, so that everyone would give up on IOI in peace.

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Hearing Boss Pei’s response, everyone visibly relaxed.

It looks like the problem didn’t lie with us – Boss Pei’s plan had been like that from the beginning! What’s more, Finger Games is mainly to blame for our loss. It has nothing to do with us!

Now that they could shirk the blame, everyone naturally felt better. Strictly speaking, this had not been a failure. Everyone had only done what was expected of them and worked with Tengda Games to push GOG to the top.

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From another angle, it was a good thing. They were all under the same company, and it did not matter who won in the end. What’s more, GOG was Tengda’s biological child, and it could generate far more profits for the company.

At the same time, Pei Qian was inwardly celebrating what Lin Wan had said.

Lin Wan was so open-minded. It went to show that she did not feel overly defeated by the entire fiasco. Pei Qian could still work harder to bluff her into going home and inheriting her family business...

Yet, Lin Wan started at that moment. Sounding emotional, she said, “However, this period made me see more clearly where I fall short. I’m still a long way from where I want to be. I think I should remain in Tengda and work harder! Boss Pei, please give Shang Yang Games more tasks!”