Do you have a lot of money?

Do you have a lot of money?

December 1st, Thursday...

Qiao Liang had been living in Jingzhou for a month and a half ever since he moved there in the middle of October.

During the time, he had completely adapted to his life in Jingzhou. His daily life had also changed.

First of all, his working hours had become more regular. He had also chosen healthier food. His dark eye circles and slight plumpness had also improved significantly.

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Fish-Catching Take-Out had recently launched a ‘Monthly Package Set Meal’. It was targeted at people who take-out frequently like Qiao Liang and the working class.

Buying the ‘Monthly Package Set Meal’ would first allow the user to choose their take-out time in advance. For example, working adults could choose their lunch from Monday to Friday based on the situation. Those who worked overtime could choose their lunch and night from Monday to Saturday. Secondly, they could choose their favorite flavors and dishes in advance.

After purchasing the set meal, he could deposit the money into his personal account and choose to deduct the fees automatically. He would be able to buy one meal on credit at most. If he had already bought one meal on credit, customers would have to pay for the last meal within two hours before the next meal. Otherwise, the order would be canceled.

When it was time to deliver food, Fish-Catching Take-Out would automatically deduct the fees and deliver food. They would also arrange the dishes according to the customers’ pre-prepared taste and recent meal records to ensure that they had different flavors and were nutritious.

If they had to cancel the delivery at the last minute, customers only needed to cancel the delivery on the ‘delivery calendar’ on the application.

To a geek like Qiao Liang and a few other office workers, this monthly package was a blessing.

Ordering take-out was a form of torture in most cases with only a few blessings.

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Qiao Liang often had this experience. Sometimes, he would be so busy that he would forget to order take-out. When he was done, he would look up and see that it was already 1 PM. At other times, he would pick up his cell phone and order take-out at 11 PM. He would search through more than ten shops but could not find anything that he particularly wanted to eat. He would waste fifteen minutes just to order take-out, and he would not find anything that he was particularly satisfied with. At other times, he would accidentally order take-out during peak hours. In the end, he would wait for more than an hour before the delivery man arrived because of the explosive amount of orders. The food would be cold by then.

At the moment, the domestic food delivery industry was still growing in a barbaric manner. Thus, there would often be unpleasant dining experiences.

On the other hand, Fish-Catching Take-Out’s “Monthly Package Set Meal” would allow those who had been eating take-out for a long time to not have to worry about what to eat every day. The random food that was delivered to them made them feel as if someone was taking care of their meals. On the other hand, it could also ensure the delivery time and experience.

That was because this ‘Monthly Package Set Meal’ was like another form of pre-order because Fish-Catching Take-Out’s stores had already predicted the number of orders in advance. It could ensure the cooking and delivery time of most meals. Thus, its taste and dining experience would also improve.

Qiao Liang had set the ‘Monthly Package Set Meal’ for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday every week.

At the moment, his life was to walk around the area after waking up every morning. He would go to the nearby buns shop for breakfast and walk around. When he returned, he would cut videos or play games. Lunch would be delivered to his doorstep.

On Saturdays and Sundays, he would sometimes go out to play with his fans or friends. Sometimes, he would order other take-out at home, such as fried chicken, milk tea, roasted duck, and the like to change the type of food he was eating.

Qiao Liang was eating Fish-Catching Take-Out as usual while reading the latest news at noon that day.