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Keisei pushes up his glasses.

I suppose it's just in her nature, that remark of Airi's probably has no malevolent intent behind it since she herself doesn't know about the hidden affairs of the class.

"S-Sorry. I just, somehow, thought that...that maybe because of the advice you gave without realizing, Ryuuen-kun may be targeting you and I felt sad about that.....".

"Unfortunately, I'm the one always receiving advice from Horikita".

"Well, I mean, Kiyopon does have a mysterious side to him. Adding the fact that he's close to Horikita-san too, it wouldn't be out of place for him to seem suspicious".

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"That...might be the case. Maybe that's also why Shiina directly confronted him".

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Akito, who has denied the existence of a mastermind so far, reached that conclusion.

"There's certainly reason to be suspicious of Ayanokouji. Even if there is no mastermind, just by being close to Horikita, it may give rise to doubts that there is a mastermind, right?".

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"If so, that's disastrous for you, Kiyopon".

"...you can say that again".

"A thorough marking by Ryuuen based on a misunderstanding, huh? It's annoying just thinking about it. If there's anything troubling you, feel free to consult us, ok?".

Akito said so while putting a hand on my shoulder.