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Chang You knew what Yu Pingan wanted to ask. He explained, “This is not a technical problem, but a product problem.”

Yu Pingan recalled his conversation with AEEIS and came to a realization.

This smooth reply was actually a facade!

After entering the contrarian mode, Yu Pingan and AEEIS were not actually having an equal conversation. In fact, AEEIS was constantly throwing questions at him, and these questions were often the ones with very few options for reply.

As long as Yu Pingan subconsciously answered one of the options, AEEIS could answer appropriately based on the pre-existing options.

For example, AEEIS would ask ‘do you think you are a hardworking person?’ No matter whether Yu Pingan answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’, AEEIS would have corresponding answers.

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The moment Yu Pingan said ‘enter the fully-automated bickering mode’, AEEIS did not reply ‘okay’. Instead, it took the initiative to ask questions and lured Yu Pingan into a trap.

That was why Chang You said that this was not a technical problem but a product problem.

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AEEIS’ technology was not much better than other smart assistants, but it could give people the impression that it was very smart through its design.

What was more interesting was that AEEIS’ aggressive questions would only appear natural under the ‘contrarian model’. If AEEIS kept asking questions during normal communication, it would definitely alert users and make them uncomfortable. Then, they would discover the loopholes.

However, once he put on the character of a contrarian, it would become reasonable!

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Yu Pingan suddenly realized a problem. “In other words, if I keep answering its questions passively, I’ll be played by it, right? If that’s the case, what if I asked it a question instead?”

Chang You said, “You can try.”

Yu Pingan immediately decided to take the initiative and said to AEEIS, “You are just a very low-level artificial intelligence. All of your questions and answers were written on the platform. You don’t have any intelligence at all. What you said is meaningless.”

Yu Pingan suddenly regretted asking this question.

This question was too complicated. Would it be too difficult for AEEIS?

However, AEEIS replied in the next second.

AEEIS: “Why would you think that way?”