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This was the exact same design as Boss Pei’s house!

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Yes, Li Shi felt that the place looked exceptionally artistic all of a sudden! Just look at the huge television, the perfectly-positioned sofa, and the coffee table and two chairs by the balcony...

Everything was perfect!

It was a pity that he was lacking the black box on the coffee table, so that his set-up looked less complete than Boss Pei’s. Everything else was exactly the same.

Li Shi had not felt much for the place at first. All he thought was that it was empty. It was alright artistically, but it had not seemed that outstanding.

Yet, for some reason, when compared to Boss Pei’s image, the place looked very different!

Li Shi sat on the couch, not being able to stop thinking about several questions: How did Boss Pei work while staying here? Which room did he sleep in? What did he watch on the huge television?

Yes, it was worth investigating!

Li Shi would observe the television first. He found a game machine and a huge quantity of gaming discs in the television cabinet.

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Ten minutes later...

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A new message popped up in the investors’ group chat.

“How is your viewing going, everyone? Can we leave now?”

“Yes, I’m done here.”

“I think the huge television is not bad. I checked it out and found out that it’s a limited edition. I’m going to get one for my own house!”