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「Oh... Last year, the Empire sent out talented people for study and training abroad in exchanges with other countries.」

『...... Were you not chosen?』

It irritated me when he hit a sore point.

「There are only two spots for foreign students. It goes the top two students in the ranking. The princess was the overall top last year, but she declined to study abroad, so those two who were second and third at the time became international students.」

『Ho... I see.』

「What do you...」

『In other words, your second grade in the rankings is due to being advanced by the absences of ‘those two’.』

「Shut up!」

Yes, that’s exactly right.

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Like the princess, the two of them are not equal to the princess in general, but they have the one aspect that makes them ‘second to none’.

And it was the one aspect that was reminiscent of the talent of their parent, who was a hero, everyone had expectations of them, and they always met those expectations.

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Unlike me...

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Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang exchanged a look.

The corners of Ma Yang’s lips twitched. “Brother Qian, let’s not talk about anything else first. The name alone has a negative underlying meaning… is it meant to express that we handle logistics slowly?”

Pei Qian shook his head. “Old Ma, you’re being uncultured. Going against the headwind is ideal for flying, understand? Our name means we are getting ready for flight!”

Zhang Yuan blinked hard but said nothing.

He did not understand Boss Pei’s thinking at

Earlier on, Zhang Yuan tried to predict what Boss Pei’s next target would be. Would he improve on the other branches? Would he work on Fish-Catching Take-Out?