Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

The reason for that is just like what I’ve mentioned. When I received the afterword notification from the editor, I also received a passive suggestion. “Hey, do you want to adjust the pages for the main story a little bit?”

“No, the pages reserved for the afterword has been slacking off lately. I’ll keep it just the same this time.”

However, I immediately answered that. Recently, I can slightly get how those comedian feels when they ask to eat a boiling oden.

So, due to the situation, I’m still overwhelmed by my desire to “write” something. Right now, I can’t think of anything to write.

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I’ve talked about the reason for this back when I’m grumbling. It’s because I’m a 100%!i(MISSING)ndoor otaku. My life only consists of novels, meals, entertainment, and sleep.

Among them, the only hobby that I can chat about is gaming.

-Right here, perhaps all readers will feel that, “Then why don’t you just write about gaming, the theme of this series is based on that, anyway.”

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However, there’s an enormous trap hidden within this.

That’s right. This series is supposed to be covering gaming topics in the main story.

Uh, in other words…

I can’t spend all my precious “gaming-related writing ideas” on the afterword, right!

If you took away all the gaming topics from me, what will even be remained in this afterword?

The kind editor and readers will laugh cheerfully and say, “Just talk about Aoi-sensei’s daily lives, and it’s alright.” However, can I really take this by it’s meaning? I’m going to try and talk about my “daily lives” seriously, alright? Are you ready?

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My favorite t-shirt was stained by toothpaste a while ago. Ughhh, it struck me down hard.

…Don’t tell me there’s someone in this world that wants to read a “daily lives report” like this! Nowadays, no one will accept a dull slice of life report like this even if you’re a celebrity, do you guys really want to hear what I have to say! By the way, what’s with this report, it’s super disgusting! Do you know where the most surprising part is? Actually, my t-shirt wasn’t even stained by toothpaste! Annoying and fictional, jeez, what kind of crappy afterword is this! Quit being an author!