Is it true that online advertising mobile phone WeChat make money?

Is it true that online advertising mobile phone WeChat make money?

Pei Qian felt a little helpless looking at Meng Chang’s confused expression.

Forget it. It was his first time after all. He could not be too harsh.

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Meng Chang might know about marketing but what he had done previously were positive marketing proposals that had very good publicity effects.

This time, perhaps because Meng Chang was still not used to it, he did not stop in time and accidentally succeeded in marketing again.

He believed that the loss of commission would make Meng Chang pay more attention. He would come up with a less effective marketing plan next time.

Pei Qian could not make it too obvious. It would be too abnormal if he flew into a rage despite the good publicity. Meng Chang would be suspicious.

He calmed down at that thought. “Forget it, let this matter pass. Let’s talk about your next task.”

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Meng Chang quickly nodded and listened intently.

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Pei Qian said, “I have two projects that need publicity and marketing.”

“The first would be the daily marketing of GOG and GPL.”

“The second is that Tengda is going to open a new live-streaming platform called Bunny Tail Live-Stream. It will also require some simple publicity in the beginning.”

“Choose one yourself. Think about your commission before you choose.”

Meng Chang quickly thought about it.