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“This buffoon listens to anything that comes out of your mouth. That means you’re also partially responsible for saying it.”

“Kuku, I can’t blame ya. I said something stupid too.”

With a smile, Ryūen began to open up.

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“Do you remember what I did to Class B back at the start of the year?”

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“…If I recall correctly, you tried to get them to split up, yes?”

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At Ryūen’s instruction, he had started a dispute with Class B where he tried to get them to have a falling out.

To check the potential of each class, he had intentionally sparked a fire.

It had happened around the time back when Sudō had gotten into a brawl and when he had secretly made contact with Katsuragi.

“Remember what the result was?”

“It didn’t have any effect. Class B became very unified quite quickly. Right?”

“Yep. Those guys’ve got more cohesion and unity than any other class.”

“Isn’t that why we should’ve avoided going up against Class B in a team competition like this?”

“I agree with Ibuki. It’ll be difficult to go against Ichinose and her army of admirers.”