Is the PS online part-time money?

Is the PS online part-time money?

If it was a new UP Master, such acts would be more obvious; after all, a new UP Master wouldn’t have that many fans yet.

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Fei Huang Workspace already had a huge following, and fake reviewers’ comments might not be that evident.

However, that didn’t matter. As long as immediately after the new video was launched, the fake reviewers as a horde posted tens of reviews stating ‘I have used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend it!’, others would definitely be able to tell what was up.

As Hu Xiao wanted to keep an eye on this matter, he followed Fei Huang Workspace’s page. Every once in a while, he would refresh the page to see if there were any updates.

Finally, on the second day, Fei Huang Workspace really released a video!

“Not bad! This Hardcore Reviews’ information is rather reliable. They actually know Fei Huang Workspace’s movements so clearly; this information-gathering is rather formidable.”

Hu Xiao increasingly felt that the UP Master behind Hardcore Reviews was someone not to be belittled.

He took a closer look and realized the name of the video was A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life. The caption of the video also had a keyword ‘review’ in it.

“It is indeed a product review video!”

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After making sure that it was a product review video, Hu Xiao immediately posted a message in one of his group chats to direct his fake reviewers to take action! The content of all the reviews was uniform. Everyone was copying and pasting ‘I have used this before; this product is very handy and I strongly recommend!’.

Such messages were posted continuously.

As Fei Huang Workspace had many fans already, some other comments by normal fans were also in the mix. For example:

“Is this a miracle?”

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“Is this a comeback?”

“When is the next season of Boss Pei’s Daily Life going to be released?!”

“So fast!”

These types of comments were made as well.

However, fake reviewers’ comments still formed the majority. Furthermore, these fake reviewers would also repeatedly ‘like’ other fake reviewers’ comments. As such, the top comments all became those by fake reviewers!

Hu Xiao saw the effect of his fake reviews army and couldn’t help but feel proud.