What game can be played online

What game can be played online

I responded with a taunt of my own… However─

What, he used a second type of taunt against me? There are so many taunting moves in this game?

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I looked at the sticker that showed the controls. At the corner, there was a small print about ‘Taunt 2’... No no no, Amano, remembering this thing is too strange!

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I was a bit stunned, but I still responded with taunt 2. I then heard Amano muttering from the other side of the machine…


“What’s so amazing!? What exactly is your standards!? There isn’t much time, I’m coming!”

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“W-Wah! T-Take this, ultimate skill ‘super defence’!”


My character who was throwing a light punch got thrown back! Amano seemed really pleased.

“This is the ultimate defensive skill that depletes the power gauge to reflect all attacks!”

“It is strong, but you used it at the completely wrong time!”

After lecturing Amano who wasted his entire power gauge, and even used my character’s ultimate skill to finish him off in retaliation.

Amano yelled at the other side: “Uwah~~!” … This fellow was usually quiet, but he showed huge reactions when playing games.

After finishing the match, as the winner, my character could continue with the story mode. It couldn’t be helped since I won, so I will just play a little─

『Here comes a new challenger!』

"Why did you put in 100 yen!"

I roared as I peeked at the other side of the machine. Amano then looked my way sheepishly.

“Eh, no one is queuing anyway. It’s fun fighting with you, and before I knew it…”

“Hey, you are really…”