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What game now can make money?

Xia Jiang was silent for a moment. Obviously, she found it a pity that she couldn’t interview Meng Chang directly.

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However, after some thought, she still said, “Alright, then arrange to interview the others in your department. I hope that you can cooperate with us when the time comes.”

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Meng Chang was very happy. “Alright, Chief Editor Xia, don’t worry!”

Xia Jiang hung up the phone and thought to herself, It looks like the ’empty spaces’ technique’ in the interview they used on Boss Pei previously would be put to use again!

After the call with Xia Jiang, Meng Chang held a small meeting with a few core employees of the advertising and marketing department and decided on the matters of the interview.

That was because Xia Jiang had to complete the interview with Wu Zhicheng, Qiu Hong, and the incubation base first. She still needed some time. Therefore, her exclusive interview with Meng Chang was scheduled for next Tuesday.

Meng Chang had already used the excuse that he was busy with work to push it off. However, he had to push a few core employees of the same department up to take charge and go through the motions.

Of course, he did not give them any special instructions because Meng Chang had always felt that the employees in the marketing department were very obedient tools. They had worked together for so long and had been more pleasant to work with. They were all trustworthy.

No one in the marketing department knew about Meng Chang’s intentions. Naturally, they were not worried that the interview would cause any trouble. They just had to complete the interview process normally.

Meng Chang returned to his desk and continued playing Mission and Choice after making arrangements for the interview.

He had been playing hard during office hours and had finally completed 70-80%!o(MISSING)f the test version’s plot.

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Meng Chang did not have any RTS game experience before, but Mission and Choice was not a RTS game in the traditional sense. The requirements for operations were very low, so it was not that difficult for Meng Chang to play it. He could play it to this stage as long as he used his brain slightly.

However, in the later stages of the game, the difficulty would still increase. They would need a deeper understanding of the game and better operations to clear the game.

In fact, Meng Chang’s current game progress was more or less enough to understand the game.

It was just like many AAA games. Generally, when the main game content reached sixty to seventy percent, most of the mechanisms and gameplay of the game had been unlocked. The only thing left to play was to see the plot ending.

Therefore, Meng Chang felt more at ease. From his point of view, this game didn’t seem to be that fun.

In particular, the main AI system in the game did not seem to be that smart. This greatly reduced the fun brought by the core gameplay.

Meng Chang did not understand the profound game design theory, but as an ordinary player who had never come into contact with RTS games, he could actually represent the opinions of many “foreign players”.

Given the huge investment in Mission and Choice, if this game could only please RTS gamers and domestically-produced standalone gaming circles, and not break the circle, it would be very difficult to recoup the cost if many gamers who originally did not like RTS games bought it.