Is it true that the online part-time money is true?

Is it true that the online part-time money is true?

The muscles on my hands are screaming painfully.

It’s already an understatement to call this a duel. -This is a real deathmatch.

Then, at the end of the finale, the one that’s deciding the result of this extreme battle-

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-The young girl is the main heroine of this story. She’s praying and screaming at the same time.

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The after-school 2F classroom is enveloped in an overwhelming silence.

-During this time, I suddenly realized…it’s not just the Game Hobby Club members here. 7 classmates that are unrelated to the story at all came into the room. They are awaiting my last weekend’s story while gulping heavily. …Uh, what’s happening?

Facing my confusion, one of the girls cheered out loud and asked me with a slightly nervous and shivering voice.

“…T-Then? What happened to Amano-kun and Aguri-san afterward…?”

“Uh, well, who are you…?”

“I’m Nishimura. I’m in the same class as you.”

“Oh, okay. I guess so…”

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I’ve never talked to you, right?

Amid my confusion, another guy that I’ve never talked to roared in anger.