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“I don’t care. Even if it’s just you, would you mind working with Kushida-san?”

If Miyake was to work to compensate for his worst subjects, he could effectively cover for Hasebe.

“......I’ll pass. I don’t feel like I’d be able to study in a group full of women. I’ll try to do it on my own.”

Miyake gave his own response and withdrew as well after grabbing his bag off the seat. Horikita could not force them to study. If they didn’t participate in the study session of their own will, it would be nearly impossible to get any results, and it would lower the moral of the students who were taking the studying seriously.

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“What should we do? If we can, I think it would be better to provide some support for those two.”

“That’s right…… If only there was someone else who could participate in teaching them.”

I saw Horikita looking at me for an instant, so I declined her with my eyes. I don’t believe that I can communicate with Miyake or Hasebe, not even considering whether or not I have any teaching skills.

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My existence shouldn’t be considered after that point.

“I’ll try to adjust and see whether or not I can make time.”

After some thought, Horikita concluded that she had no choice but to make a move herself, and attempted to sum things up.

“I’m against the idea. When I think of the long war that will be coming in the future, you will undoubtedly be overworking yourself. As a result, the overall efficiency of learning for everyone will drop. Horikita also has to work on creating problems for Class C as well.”

“But if there’re no other options, what choice do we have?”

Horikita’s speech had become forceful since she had judged that there wasn’t anyone else who could teach them.

Even though Hirata could advise her not to do this, he had no means available to stop her.

Horikita will look after Miyake. It was beginning to appear as though the matter was decided.