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A truly powerful army, on the other hand, had an unwavering belief. This belief did not come from deception or brainwashing, but from the bottom of their hearts.

All of the soldiers of the Alliance Fleet had undergone strict training. Deep down, they knew very well that humanity was facing a life-and-death crisis. However, the long battle, the way AEEIS and the commanding officer did things had dulled their beliefs.

What Qin Yi had to do now was to awaken the faith in all the soldiers at the last moment!

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Be it victory or defeat in this war, or whether humanity would survive or perish in the end, Qin Yi hoped that all the soldiers would be like him, knowing all the truth, betting everything on the fate of mankind, and charging to their deaths!

Qin Yi did not waste any more time. Instead, he skillfully used the control panel to give orders to all the human troops.

Qin Yi had already done this final battle many times in AEEIS’s simulation training. The situation was different each time.

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However, the overall attack launched by Zergs in the real world seemed to be more intense than any simulation training!

On the surface of the scarlet red planet, a swarm of insects surged out of the nest like a tide. The base that humans had left on the surface of the planet was like a small boat in a storm. It was drowned by the dense swarm of insects as if it could capsize at any time.

The results were minimal even though human bases on the surface and the starships in the sky were attacking the sea of insects at full force.

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The human firepower in the air was like shooting stars in the dark sky. Soon, it was swallowed up by the swarm of insects.

The current situation had already exceeded Qin Yi’s expectations; he had never faced such a difficult situation even in the most difficult mock battle.

AEEIS did not give any more suggestions. Instead, it silently conveyed every command by Qin Yi.