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"So that means we won't be able to talk to one another?".

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"No, each day for an hour at the cafeteria in the main building, both boys and girls will have their meals together. It's only within that period that the school won't issue any instructions. In other words, you're free to do whatever you want then. Do you understand?".

Perhaps he's just that happy to be able to talk to girls, as Ike rejoiced.

I got up a bit and turned to look at Shinohara, who's sitting nearby. As I did, I noticed that despite looking exasperated, she appeared somewhat happy to hear Ike's words.

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Perhaps that Christmas dinner worked out.

"If there aren't any more questions then I'll be ending this".

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Maybe she decided that only silly questions would be forthcoming as Chabashira wrapped things up immediately.

"Sensei. May I borrow your microphone?".

As Chabashira tried to wrap things up, it was Hirata who cut her short.

"Of course, do you as wish".

Chabashira said so as she let go of the microphone and took her seat.

Hirata slowly came forward to replace her and took the microphone into his hands.

"From what sensei said, it doesn't look like we have much time but first of all, I'd like to hear everyone's opinion. On how to overcome this exam. What sort of partition we should aim for in groups".

"For something like that, wouldn't it be best if we could get as much of our classmates in it as possible? We select our best and form a small group of 12 and the rest we can bring it one from each of the other classes. Ain't that perfect?".

Sudou said that to Hirata.