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“After all, I’m free for a week. I have nothing special to do today too and this is a way to kill time”

“I don’t want to move too much. Now that I’m the leader, there is also the possibility of an accident, if I stand out too much and too poorly”

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“It’s a risk you have to take since you’ve been designated as a suitable leader”

Even if you’re not sure on who is the leader, if you report a student as a leader, there’s always a possibility of being right. The more you stand out, the more you will be on the list of suspicious people to keep an eye on.

“I understand your feelings but, even if you remain secluded, it won’t change the situation. You’ve been keen to look for Ryuuen and you’ve been observing Ichinose. There’s also the fact that you’re the sister of the students’ council president and your colleagues are also aware of it. In other words, no matter what you do, you will become one of the targets”

Either way, whether you guess right or you miss the target you still get 50 points just this once, and since there’s no definite evidence, gambling on this is hard. The moment we designated a leader, certain conditions became necessary.

“You’re right. No matter what I think about it, I guess you can’t tell which one is the right leader. Well, ok, I’m also concerned about other classes’ situations. Let’s go”

Contrary to our bad feeling, along with Horikita who proceeded with heavy movements, we set out for the beach where C class was waiting.

Just before passing through the forest, from the bushes we saw a lot of C class students on the beach. The situation we were looking at had been far beyond our imagination.

“It can’t be… This kind of stuff… Is it possible?”

As if she couldn’t believe the sight, Horikita was repeating “impossible“ many times over.

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I thought the same. It was a pattern we didn’t expect at all. There weren’t only provisional toilets and a shower room installed. Turf with sunlight protection, barbecue set, chairs, parasols, snacks and drinks. There were all kinds of equipment necessary for entertainment.

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Smoke from a burning meat and laughter. On the coast, the students were loudly enjoying the sea while the water bikes were running through. Even with only roughly calculating the visible range, more than 150 points were spit out.

“What the hell is C class doing? Does this mean they don’t have to save points?”

We could only think that way looking at this. It exceeded the level of splurging.

“Let’s check that out. What the hell is C class thinking doing this?“