Play the most profitable method online

Play the most profitable method online

The key was that the official platform was too big. It would affect all games in Tengda’s past, present, and future. Be it standalone games or online games, it would increase 20%!o(MISSING)f income equally.

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The specific multiplication rate should be 2 / 7. That was nearly 30%!h(MISSING)igher than Tengda’s original income!

This was no f*cking joke!

Pei Qian was completely unwilling to accept this painful fact. He even opened the official platform that had not been logged in for a long time.

In the end, he realized that the situation was even worse.

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Not only did the official platform change all of Tengda’s games’ royalty contracts to ninety percent, but they also packaged all of Tengda’s games into a compilation. They created a special column and vigorously promoted it, praising Tengda, the outstanding game company!

Pei Qian quietly closed the official platform and pulled a small blanket to cover himself.

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The air conditioner today was really cold…

“I really can’t take it anymore.”

“The official platform is going too far!”

“I have to think of something. I can’t let this continue!”

It was already ridiculous enough to change it to 70%!p(MISSING)reviously. Wouldn’t it kill him to change it to 90%!n(MISSING)ow?