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The gaming department was just upstairs. He could reach it in a few steps.

Pei Qian glanced around but did not see Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao. He did not see any of the core employees either.

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An ordinary employee saw Pei Qian and quickly stood up. “Boss Pei, Brother Hu and the others are in the conference room discussing the new downloadable content.”

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Pei Qian could not help but nod slightly.

Alright, his timing was great.

He walked straight to the door of the conference room and knocked lightly.

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Indeed, Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, Li Yada, and the other core employees of the games department were all in the conference room, including Yu Fei, the author of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’.

Everyone was overjoyed to see Boss Pei.

They were just worrying about what to do with the downloadable content when Boss Pei arrived!

Was it a coincidence, or did Boss Pei know that everyone was struggling and came to give them pointers?

No matter what, they were filled with confidence since Boss Pei was here!

Everyone quickly stood up and welcomed Boss Pei. Hu Xianbin gave the centermost seat to Boss Pei.

Pei Qian scanned his surroundings but did not see Bao Xu.

“Bao Xu went on another trip?” Pei Qian asked casually.

Bao Xu was often not in the office in his impression. He was either traveling or on the way to a tour.

However, on further thought, there did not seem to be any tourist activities recently.

The Best Employee Selection was held in February and August. There were still two months until the next selection, and there were no annual meetings recently.