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[His opponent is the opposite. He worked on all genres. Throws. Grapples. Punches. Kicks. Instead of polishing one weapon, he has polished himself so that he can respond to every scene assuming actual battle! The man says. Krouby, you’re not pursuing just one thing, you’re just skipping the others! Today, I’ll show you that! ‘The Jack of All Fighting Trades, Juju’]!

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Two men came out with the introduction from the host.

It’s a good look. In my opinion, Juju looked stronger because of his body and posture and atmosphere when walking.

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First of all, I’ll have to take a seat.

“Let’s~ see~, seat seat...”

“Big brother, over there.”

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“Hmm? Oh, there it is. And here you are.”

The section where everyone was when cheering for me.

Amae had already returned and was sitting there.

“Hey, Amae~. Why are you running away?”


As I approached her with a smile on my face, Amae’s body jerked in surprise.

“Ah... Fumyu... U...”.

“I’ll sit next to you. Hey okay.”


I was amused to see her fidgeting again, so I sat down next to her.

“Hey~, big brother~. That’s my seat~.”

“Hmm? Oh, I see. Now that I’m here, so my seat... hmm~, what should I do~?”