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The teacher taught how to make money through online

However, to He An, the meaning behind those words was completely different.

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He An replied quickly. “Eh? Boss Pei, you’re panting even though I praised you for doing well?”

“I really did not think that Mission and Choice would obtain such a reputation after being released. I only congratulated you out of encouragement!”

“However, don’t think that this is stable. Fantasy Battle Remake will be released in the afternoon!”

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“To be honest, even though I haven’t gotten through Mission and Choice, I can already tell that you’re playing tricks and taking a shortcut.”

“You did not follow the traditional RTS gameplay at all. Instead, you snatched the fusion of the RTS game and the plot to become a AAA game masterpiece. What you focused on was not the strategy game versus gameplay, but the exquisite plot flow.”

“I have to say that this is a genius attempt and has indeed received a good effect.”

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“If not for the release of ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’, I would have thought highly of ‘Mission and Choice’.”

“However, ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ is a traditional RTS game. It has true strength. Not only does it have a plot, but it also has a classic, deeply-established gameplay that has been verified countless times! It also has a very strong balance in the game and a ladder to extend the game’s lifespan. It could even be an E-Sports competition!”

“‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would have an absolute advantage among the core RTS gamers. At that time, it would definitely impact the sales volume and reputation of ‘Mission and Choice’. It might even cause a huge discussion about the future of RTS games...”

“All in all, the situation is not optimistic. Boss Pei, you still have to pay attention to ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’. You cannot let your guard down!”

Obviously, He An thought that Pei Qian was showing off. He broke through his defenses on the spot and replied to a few messages.

Pei Qian did not interrupt. What’s more, the more he watched, the more speechless he became.

What did he mean by ‘snatching the RTS game and the plot to be the fusion of a AAA game masterpiece’? What did he mean by ‘a genius attempt’?