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On the other hand, the poetry function was to make use of a poetry library based on Useful application. It could successfully obtain more accurate information than Qiandu. There would not be any slip-ups when answering basic questions, and it was very simple. On the other hand, the automatic action poetry function developed based on the poetry library would also give people a bright look.

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These poems and couplets were automatically generated by AEEIS, but they also had certain rules. A key word could only produce one or two more suitable poems. It was impossible to create poems and couplets without restrictions.

What’s more, some poems might seem to be legit, but the meaning might be hollow or lacking, making people feel like they were clueless.

Even so, this poem function was already amazing enough.

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That was because these poems were far better than what ordinary people could come up with in terms of culture, be it in terms of rhythm, meaning, or specific words. Therefore, the audience’s eyes lit up.

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As a result, the live-stream was in an uproar. Those who had already bought the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine immediately tried it out. They found that the updated version of AEEIS indeed had the ability to compose poems. What’s more, every poem was done pretty well!

They suddenly felt like they had profited.

However, the live-stream was obviously not over yet.

Ma Yang continued to follow the script and entered the next stage: exchanging lines.

“AEEIS also has a function to exchange lines. I’ll only show one or two simple demonstrations since there is a lot of content. If everyone is interested, I will post a few lines on Weibo. Everyone, try it out with your bickering machine.”

“AEEIS, return to the initial image.”

AEEIS: “Captain Qin Yi, you might be very angry now, but humans need you to continue fulfilling your mission as a soldier...”

Ma Yang and AEEIS simply matched a few lines. Ma Yang did not have any foundation in reading lines, but he acted with AEEIS in a serious manner, it was quite interesting.

At first, the viewers in the live-stream did not pay much attention to it. After all, they already knew that AEEIS had the ability to do that. Many people had already tried Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content.

However, they realized that something was amiss upon closer inspection.