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Keita Amano

“Uehara-kun, please teach me what I should do when I’m on a date!”

“You don’t have a plan at all!?”

After I explained how I started dating Tendou-san, Uehara-kun stood up abruptly from the bench and yelled at me. I can hear the sound of liquid shaking vigorously in his can of coffee.

Uehara-kun scratched all over his hair impatiently before sitting back next to me. Meanwhile, I was just sipping my box of bland vegetable juice and stared blankly at the scenery.

The park after school was shaded with the orange sunset. It was filled with housewives carrying their goods and students that are chatting with each other. There’s even a group of boys chasing each other In the central plaza. Then, next to the fountain, intimate couples from Otobuki and Hekiyou (Note: The name of the high school in Student Council’s Discretion) are flirting with each other.

Within this peaceful aura, two tired high school students are sitting on a rarely visited bench under the tree at a corner of the park.

Uehara-kun is playing with his canned coffee, throwing it from one hand to another, and let out a big sigh towards me.

“I’m here because you said you wanted to discuss something about Tendou-san in peace, and then you are asking me about your date? I thought you were determined to break up with her based on what you said earlier.”

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“Eh? You wanted me to break up with her, Uehara-kun?”

“Not at all, how did you get that conclusion?”

“Ah…no…it’s nothing. Forget about it.”

“Really? Well, I’m fine with that.”

Uehara-kun seems to be able to tell something is off, but he doesn’t particularly care. So, he took another sip of his coffee while I put my hand on my chest, feeling relieved.